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About us


AGAnet – Internet Printing

Business card – small, rectangular box with extraordinary, unseen potential. It’s not just a collection of personal data or information about the profession of the giver. Business cards represents more – it’s like a symbol of personal presentation, advertisement for own brand or company. This is one of the most important building blocks of the image you are creating for your company.

Do you want to be considered a professional and raise the prestige of your image? Do you want to express how unique you are and draw attention of the eventual business partners? For those clients who trusted us, we bring ideas, goals and values… in a form of a small, rectangular box.

In order to meet the needs of demanding customers, we print using only the most modern and advanced technologies. Raised print is our specialty – It enables creating business cards that are both effective and of the highest quality, bringing luxury and prestige to mind.

We are one of the few companies in Poland capable of producing Raised Print Business Cards and the only one with professional production line which – in contrast to manual heat pressing technique – guarantees the highest quality. Decorating with gilding or spot gloss, stampeding and printing with lamination and die-cutting – those, among other printing techniques allow the creation of most exclusive and unique business cards.
We do execute every, even the most specific project and we bring light to the unclear or vague concepts, giving them strong lines in our graphic studio. We use the most modern and high end machines, keeping the highest quality possible at the affordable price. For our projects we use only highest quality of paper, matrices, paints and lamination from the Polish and German producers.

We are not one of those companies that target only massive contracts, compromising quality for price. We execute projects for both companies and individuals – whoever appreciates the highest quality, professional approach with creative and original solutions.