Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 1:11

Cheap business Cards – What makes the difference?

Looking back and forth our offer, you may find some really extreme differences in pricing. On one hand, there are offers of 500 pieces for 40 zl, on the other – 400 zł… for the same amount. What makes this difference? Both offers claim offset print (which means higher quality). And it really is so. Difference lays in the montage of the cards in the printing machine. Affordable business cards mean printing collectively, and more expensive offers mean printing individually.

Printing collectively, depending on the machine used, we can fit together 32 or 64 clients on one sheet. In offset print, main cost comes from launching the production, production of the matrices (for each color) and preparation of the machines. As a result, the paper makes a very small component of the final price. Costs are spread over 32 to 64 clients. Unfortunately, low price is the only advantage of such print.

In case of affordable business cards, printing collectively means that printer has no possibility of setting the machine to our project (color palette), because every project is different. Obviously, the quality suffers. Print is made only using CMYK Palette, there is no way to use Pantone, which for most companies is almost unacceptable.

In case of affordable business cards, there is no possibility of printing in the certain amount for several people (ie. 5 x 100 pieces), because our project can take only one, specific place in the montage. Wait is also longer, because printer has to obtain the appropriate number of orders to fill the printing sheet (hence the widespread failure to meet deadlines).

However, in case of an individual printing, we can print in any color from CMYK or Pantone. Our work is very faithful to the original design, when it comes to colors and it’s a work of higher quality. We can freely choose the paper we find appropriate (we’re also not limited by the printing sheet). After printing, we can cut the cards to selected size. We can also use any additional refinements, such as: raised print, embossing, spot gloss, lamination, gilding, or cutting it out any shapes or elements on the card.

If you desire high quality print, if you wish to use any palette (including Pantone) on any paper, if lamination, spot gloss or gilding sound promising to you – individual printing is better for you in every way. Only one question remains: What price? Well, quality costs.