Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 12:05

Coloring 4+4

In printing industry, like in any other profession, there is a certain jargon involved. printers often use certain shortcut to make their lives easier. This also applies to coloring. The most basing parameter of print is the number of colors used. Usually, we are talking about the CMYK Palette that uses four primary colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). Using full CMYK, we can achieve almost any color, and that why it is often called “full color” or “full colored printing”. Colors used are written down using digits, where the first one describes number of colors used on the one side, and the second one determines the number of colors used on the reverse. It looks like this:
4+4 means full color, double-sided

4+0 means full color, one sided

4+1 means full color on the one side and only one color on the other (usually black or additional color from Pantone Palette)
Sometimes we can see larger numbers. Usually it means full CMYK spectrum + additional color from Pantone Palette

5+5 means CMYK + additional color, double-sided

5+0 means CMYK + additional color, one-sided

If the print uses only Pantone palette, digits also mean the number of colors used, analogously:

2+2, double-sided, 2 colors on one side, another 2 on the other

2+0 one-sided, 2 colors used