Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 12:03

Company Logo


Modern society can be safely called a visual one. The use of symbols or slogans see,s to be almost a natural habit by now. Using graphic signs such as logo is a requirement in this times. We recognize the brand by its symbols, which are distributed by its creators. In other words, it is an finest advertisement.

Logo of the company has to be integrated with the profile of the company in the 100%. And you can be certain, that the chain of stores selling curtains won’t use an appetizing orange as their logo and a fruit wholesale won’t have laces in their logo.

Logo makes an connection in the mind of a viewer. Desinging the sing should empathize with a client – What will he feel looking upon a given sign? What impression gives its color? What he we associate this symbol with? And finally – is it memorable?

Generally (not always) logo consists of three parts. This include: symbol, logotype (not always and a slogan. Sometimes, logo might of the logotype.
Creating logo is best left to professionals. Contrary to popular belief this is not an easy task – it requires knowledge from the field of graphics, but also social psychology and marketing. Cost of a project is almost disproportionally advantageous compared to the profits the well designed logo shall bring to the company. Looking on billions of graphic symbols existing in the world can really get to your head – creativity of their creators is truly impressive. Inspiration might come from the company’s profile, numbers, heraldry, acronym of the company’s name.

Logo should change when the company changes. If said company changes its profile, logo ceases to be valid, it requires change. Changes in the company structure, change of the name, business expansion, different offer or services – all of those are a good reason to change the logo.
Because logo is such an important element of the image of the company, that all of the changes are tracked and recorded. Many respectable companies use a special book, that holds and preserves knowledge about the every change made to their symbols.