Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 12:39

Custom shaped card

Business card does not always have to be a rectangular box with printed information. We can draw clients attention with our unique approach. Let’s say – business card in the shape of a square, circle… how about a heart? No problem, there is no limit to your imagination

Effect is achieved through die-cutting. It is nothing less than cutting out specific shape using flat punch. Punch is pressed against a sheet of paper and his knives cut out previously planned shape.

This, however, is not the only option. Depending of the type of knives, we can achieve different effects – for example, folding (creasing knives), holes of perforations (perforating blades), or cutting out a specific shape (cutting knives).

Thus, If you require cards with a unique, irregular shape, hole or crease – die cutting is the most appropriate technique you can use.
Obviously, before executing the project, checking the limitation of the machine is advised. This refers to minimal distance between cuts – this distance is usually about 5 mm and is a result of knives thickness and fillers (elements that help in removing fragments of paper).