Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 1:00

Embossed Business Card

Embossing is also known as dry stamping.

Unique business card has a great impact on whatever you will be remembered by the person to whom it is given. However, you don’t need loud and obnoxious colors for that – the most impressive is what engages several senses simultaneously.

Embossed business cards are -just like those with raised print – affecting not only the visual sphere, but also the touch. Main difference between those techniques is – while embossing changes the structure of the paper because of the matrix making one side convex and the other one concave, raised print does not in any way interfere with the paper itself and can be felt only on the one side.

Specific pressing matrix is required to complete the process. When the job is done, this matrix becomes the property of the client. This allows the possible reprint to be much less expensive.

Pressing is usually applied to logo, rarely used directly on text. This way, single embossed element is more visible, and cannot be overlooked.


Prices of Embossed Cards:

One-sided, single color printing + stamping:

500 pieces – price 795 zł + VAT
1000 pieces – price 845 zł + VAT
2000 pieces – price 915 zł + VAT

One-sided, double color printing + stamping:

500 pieces – price 870 zł + VAT
1000 pieces – price 920 zł + VAT
2000 pieces – price 990 zł + VAT


– There can be several designs for different people in one run, such as 5 x 100 pieces (for five people). We treat that as a one run of 500 pieces
– White thick paper 350g/m2 or Ecru thick paper 300 g.m2 (printing on other kinds of paper is also available)
– Any size available (standard – 90 x 50 mm)
– CMYK or Pantone palette
– Term 4-5 days

If you wish to order embossed business card with different parameters, such as a different size, color or quantity – please contact us.