Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 12:14

Folded business cards

Folded business cards are a fantastic way of showing your innovative approach to promoting your company. It’s a whole new way of presenting your business to clients and partners.

This type of cards, compared with the standard ones, have a greater surface to place information on. However, it’s not advised to use it fully, in order to not overload card with information. First page should be a kind of cover and introduction. Usually, logo is placed here, company name, photograph, or any other graphic element. Actual identity and contact should be inside.

There is no limit, when it comes to decorating or coloring this type of card. They can be subjected to any process that is used to standard business card. Just as the folding itself – they may be both horizontal or vertical.

Folded business cards are new, increasingly popular solution which not only allows showing how modern your company is, but showing individual characteristics of each employee as well.