Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 12:23


How can I send you my files?

  • As an attachment to you e-mail (Max 20 MB). Our address: drukarnia@druk-wizytowek.eu
  • On CD of DVD Disc, through mail or courier.


How to prepare a file for printing?

  • We prefer files in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF), or the ones prepared using the following software: Adobe (Pc, Mac), QuarkXpress 9 (Pc, Mac) and finally Corel Draw (up to v.16)
  • Fonts should be converted to curves (vector graphics)
  • In case of the raised print, logo should be saved as vector graphics (curves)
  • Color palette defied as CMYK or Pantone, never RGB.
  • Bitmaps intended for print should be at a resolution of 300 dpi.
  • The work done in the QuarkXpress software must be accompanied by the full set of required graphics, files and possibly expansions, if necessary.


Size, margins and trimming:

  • For every work, there have to be 2mm wide bleeds (if any graphics or background is included that ends with the edge of the page, said graphics should extend beyond the area of use, picture below)
  • In the places where colors overlap each other, “traps” has to be set at about 0,144 point
  • Margins have to be maintained at about 4 mm from the edge (picture below)
  • Please use trimming markers
  • Standard size of business card is 90 x 50 mm. If you wish to print business cards of different size, please specify it in the order
  • In case of document with multiple pages (like brochures, books), all the pages have to be provided in the single file (PDF, preferably) in the sequential order.
  • In case of more advanced projects, please contact our studio.