Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 12:04

Matte Laminated Business Cards

Laminated Business Cards are a combination of aesthetic and practical qualities. A very thin layer of foil applied to both sides of business card greatly increases its durability. Thanks to this, cards are safe from unfortunate splashes, and accidental tearing is almost impossible.

It is worth noting that business cards covered with lamination are not only more appealing aesthetically, but also printed content is not at risk of fading away.

Everything thanks to the technique of applying lamination on the surface of a card under pressure and at high temperatures. Thanks to that, card becomes more solid and resistant to eventual mechanical or chemical damage, and at the same time, it gains this effective and impressive look. Clients -individuals or companies- who value endurance and strength will be most satisfied with this type of card. For example, Matt laminated business card of construction company sends an additional message that said company is a reliable business partner that can be trusted.