Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 1:03

Offset or digital?

If you are not an expert in the field of printing, and you demand you high quality prints immediately, we will make the choice between digital and offset printing much easier.

If you wish to shine on the working field, if you want to quickly and efficiently reach your clients, the best form of advertisement are still printed materials. This way clients – readers- will be able easily to check and get familiar with your offer. Marketing materials serve three major purposes, that is: drawing attention of the client, getting his interest and making money for you.

They have to have interesting design and be made in highest quality possible. In some cases, this may even be more important then the contents of the materials themselves.

If you already have a project, you need to choose proper printing method. We will give you the key info about the pros and cons of each technique. The Choice between digital and offset print is dependent on quantity of materials we wish to print.

1. If you need only a small amount of marketing materials, reports or commercial jobs, the most advantageous for you is digital print.


  • execution of the order based on computer data
  • abbility to do small printing runs
  • the option to personalize the run, ie. Each page can be different.
  • lower price at small amounts


  • lower quality
  • high costs of the larger amounts
  • it pays only to make small number of prints.

2. If you are interested in printing posters, brochures, catalogs, business cards or any other marketing materials requiring larger runs, offset print might be the best solution for you


  • most popular printing method,
  • smaller cost at larger amounts,
  • high quality of the materials printed,
  • greater variety of paper to use,
  • option to use Pantone palette,
  • large run is the most cost-effective


  • High start-up cost of the production (preparation of the machines etc.)

In conclusion, id you want a small amount, like 50 or 100 business card, choose digial print. On the other hand, if you need 500 or more of them and a top of that you value quality – choose offset print.