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Terms & Conditions

§ 1.  General Terms

1. Following terms and conditions apply only to customers – clients contracting printing services in AGAnet Karol Dziewiński (office registered in Warsaw, Nosowskiego str. 2/13), hereinafter referred to as the contractor. This document is a form of contract between the Contractor and Client using www.raised-ink.com

2. Orders to AGAnet Karol Dziewiński can be submitted only by those clients who agreed to following terms and conditions

3. Client is entirely responsible for all defects resulting from insufficiently provided projects, including copyright violations or other rights of third parties
4. AGAnet Karol Dziewiński agree to not share any contact details of its customers to the third parties. This data is used only for proper handling of orders, shipping to the right address or contact necessary during the execution . It is also used to inform customers about the important changes made to the offer or marketing activities, in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Dziennik Ustaw,. No. 133, item. 883, of 2000 No. 12, item. 136, No. 50, item. 580 and No. 116, item. 1216 and of 2001 No. 42, item. 474) codified at Base . Act of 25 August 2001 amending the Law on Personal Data Protection Journal of 2001 No. 100, item. In 1087. Customer accepting the Terms agree to receive information by e-mail, in accordance with the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws No. 144 of 2002, item. 1204)

5. In the moment of sending the order, customer is automatically financially liable for execution of said order.

6. We proceed to realization of the order after payment by the client, and sending the right data to AGAnet Karol Dziewiński. Only since we count the time of the order.

§ 2.  Prices

1. Prices published on the site druk-wizytowek.eu are only net prices and do not include VAT at 23%

§ 3. Execution

1. Order submitted to AGAnet Karol Dziewiński can consists of one or more orders on individual items from the offer.

2. Computer files required for execution of the order should be prepared according to technical instructions given in the offer and in the “help” subpage.

3. The Contractor shall require computer files prepared using instructions provided on this website for print. The customer is solely responsible for any legal defects resulting from the content and the form of project submitted to print, including any infringement of third party rights. Customer declares that the submitted files are free of viruses and will not cause any software of hardware malfunctions. The Contractor takes no responsibility for improper preparation of files for printing. The work shall be printed in the form in which is submitted for publication. The Contractor is not obliged to modify files uploaded by the client.

4. Electronic devices on which the work is delivered are not sent back to the client. After two weeks of execution of the order, the device and its contents are destroyed,

5. File delivered to AGAnet Karol Dziewiński via the Internet will be deleted after two weeks from the completion of the project.

6. Project designed by the Contractor are always send to the client for acceptation, prior to printing. AGAnet Karol Dziewiński does not take responsibility for projects accepted by the client.

7. Client’s Copyrighted material included in his files sent to AGAnet Karol Dziewiński are protected from access of third parties.

§ 4. Terms of execution and Conditions of shipping

1. Terms of realization are specified in working days. Working days should be understood as every day except Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays. In the case of orders made before 12:00, time of realization is counted in full working days from the time of submitting. In other cases, it is counted from 8:00 AM of the next working day.

2. For orders consisting of more than one order (work, project), the term of execution is determined by the longest given term from selected products.

3. Maximal term is specified in the offer of the given product.

4. AGAnet Karol Dziewinski reserves the right to change the terms of orders (or one of them) in case of unforeseen circumstances or external factors (eg. Hardware malfunction). In this case, the customer is informed of this fact before the last day of the maximal term of execution.

5. Maximal term of shipping is the sum of the time that takes to complete the order and the time of delivery by courier of mail.

6. The real term of realization is usually shorter than the one mentioned in the order.

7. In the case of realization two or more orders in the same term (coming from the same customer, using the same shipping address) – AGAnet Karol Dziewinski may decide of packaging them into one shipment to reduce costs

§ 5.Payment

1. Payment has to be made by bank transfer to our account: 40 1750 0009 0000 0000 0969 1227

§ 6. Complaints

1. Work delivered in the form of computer file are printed just as they were. AGAnet Karol Dziewinski does not hold any obligation to check them or make any corrections.

2. The Customer declares that he is aware of the limitations of offset, digital or raised print, and accepts their consequences. Raised print cannot endure high temperature. Small color differences may occur in comparison to the image seen on a computer screen. Such differences are not subject to the complaints

3. Complaints addressing non-compliance with the order must be reported within 48 hours of receipt. Repeated execution of the said order or refund payment are available only after paying the contractor the the whole sum.

4. If complaint addresses the different color than expected – Customer is required to provide a test print before the actual printing (Proof, Cromalin etc.)

5. Complaints addressing the print quality will be rejected before obtaining 100% of ordered set. Within 7 working days of receipt, AGAnet Karol Dziwinski shall consider such complaint, and employee will inform client about the proposed solution of a problem.

6. In case of rejected complaint, the Customer shall bear all the costs of delivery of the said set

7. Complaints addressing damage made in transit shipment must be reported upon receipt of the product. The recipient is obliged to make a complaint form to AGAnet Karol Dziewiński

§ 7. Legal Disputes

Every dispute regarding the contract that cannot be settled amicably, shall be settled by the proper court.